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HP Labs blogs

» Innovation@HP Labs

Insights on research, innovation, and emerging technology from HP Labs researchers around the world.


» Business-driven IT management

Claudio Bartolini
Thoughts and discussions on research on trends, technologies, standards and business related considerations in IT Service management.


» Mostly color perception

Giordano Beretta and Nathan Moroney
Tidbits on research in color science.


» pf-dspace: Digital repository research on the DSpace open repository platform

John Erickson and Jim Rutherford
Fostering open discourse and sharing related to digital repository and preservation research based on the DSpace open repository platform, to help grow the DSpace research community and to promote the use of DSpace as an engine for basic research.


» Research on Identity Management

Marco Casassa Mont
Focusing on trends, new technologies/solutions and innovative aspects of Identity Management -- in a variety of contexts.


» The Next Big Thing

Posts about next generation technologies and their effect on business.