Research Careers

Conduct high-impact research into the challenges and opportunities facing our customers and society in the next decade.

HP Labs researchers design, test, and build billion-dollar businesses. Our engineers create fundamental new technologies – memristors, photonic connectors, next-generation analytics algorithms, and advances in physical and material sciences, to name a few – that within a decade promise to reshape and redefine entire industrial sectors.

Successful candidates for research positions at HP Labs are academically distinguished, with a track record of creativity and real-world innovation. They have a wide ranging curiosity, an entrepreneurial mindset, and can learn and grow as their interests, and the fields they impact, develop over time.

We offer a collaborative, informal, and high-paced environment in which to work – one spanning a rich landscape of fields, from high-end servers to small devices, and from highly complex to radically simple services. We actively support our researchers in building their careers, offering mentoring by experienced senior colleagues, an appreciation for work/life balance, and excellent benefits.

Meet Mithra Vankipuram

Recruited by HP as a post-doctoral researcher, Mithra joined HP Labs 3 years ago as a user experience researcher.

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Mithra Vankipuram

Meet Lei Liu

During his graduate studies, Lei interned at HP Labs in Palo Alto and then joined the Labs team full time in 2014.

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Lei Liu

Job openings

HP Labs is seeking creative individuals who are passionate about technology, who identify with our marketplace and our businesses, and who can contribute fresh ideas and solutions.

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